Employer Services

BRICKELL PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS will tailor the recruitment services to meet your needs. These services will reduce your need for expensive employment advertising and save you countless valuable hours screening through resumes and speaking with applicants that may not have the appropriate qualification.

EXECUTIVE PLACEMENT: Available on a retained search or contingency basis, we will seek out qualified candidates both in and outside of the local market and present these candidates to you. A one-time fee is charged equal to a defined percentage of the hire’s projected first year cash compensation.

PROJECT CONTRACT: When you would prefer to outsource a short-term assignment rather than providing regular employment, BRICKELL PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS can provide you with market professionals at a negotiated project fee or hourly rate.

CONTRACT FOR HIRE: A risk-free solution to meeting your short or long-term staffing needs, BRICKELL PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS can provide you with personnel on a contract basis. This provides you with the opportunity to fully assess the candidates’ performance before making a regular employment decision.